Red String

If our fates are connected by an invisible string, I want an indestructible and continuous string to symbolize how you and I are connected together and let that mark the beginning of our next chapter.

The love story begins and never want to be apart from each other. From the moment falling in love, they could not let go the love in between of each other. The best part of LYNLI Jewelry designing the couple and wedding rings for all couples is not only creating the symbol that contains “LOVE”, but also being touched by their love stories. It makes people to believe that “LOVE” truly exist forever by listening to the sweet times and seeing the interaction of each couple.

Red string always represents “love, enthusiasm and good fortune in Asia”, it brings the strength to who wears it. The Chinses cupid (Yue Lao) used the red string to match couples, connected the little fingers of the couples will hold their love for a lifetime. With a delicate handmade thin rose gold string with waves around the ring, each ends connects to a brilliant diamond to be the symbol that contains the warmest wishes for the lifelong LOVE.

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