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Drawing Collaboration
Lynli and illustrator Wei En used painting as a medium to create paintings for the [Mermaid's Tears] and [A Gift to Yourself] series, using different media to reinterpret the theme of the design series.

LYNLI Jewelry x ROUND OFF | Object Collaboration
For making a breakthrough, both of us are willing to break away from the brand's framework, to try different design ideas, the combination of metalsmith and resin, which make a great collide with a new creative spark - the Soft Floating series. There are pink and blue. The color can be selected, all hand-made, come and choose a color you like!

LYNLI Jewelry x Little Witch | Floral Collar Collaboration
Two women who loved jewelry are attracted by admiring each other's works, sharing the ideal of the brand and their insistence on Taiwanese craftsmanship. Such clever fate allows each other to communicate and thus produce co-branding pieces!

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