The Designer

     LYN LI is a Taiwanese fine Jewelry designer who has always had an eye for nature beauty and for creating jewelry that all women can love. Through her namesake brand, Lyn Li hopes to create pieces for everyday wear that make women feel special as well as loved and understood by her brand.

     Lyn Li was born and raised in Taiwan. From a young age, she was inspired by the beauty and elegance found in nature and intrigued by the graceful contours of women’s bodies. These inspirations pushed her to pursue art in her undergraduate studies.

     Her artistic flair, eye for beauty, and her love of the creative process led her to jewelry design, where she excelled as a designer for a high-end Taiwanese jewelry house. Here, she developed a passion for excellence in design and an interest in capturing natural beauty in her pieces.

     Lyn Li’s hands-on experience as a jewelry designer then led her to study abroad in the UK, where she earned her masters in jewelry design. Upon completing her studies, Lyn Li launched her fine jewelry brand in 2015.
All of Lyn Li’s pieces embrace excellence in craftsmanship and quality.
     All pieces are handmade to order, which gives each piece a unique beauty that is reflective of the human experience.
photo/ cookie_tsai