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Blooming floral collar bracelet – LYNLI Jewelry 李倪・輕珠寶

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Blooming floral collar bracelet
Blooming floral collar bracelet

Blooming floral collar bracelet

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(This product is only available in 7-11 stores in Taiwan. Delivery costs will be absorbed by both consumers and designers.)
『The most beautiful co-branding jewelry in 2020』
Don't miss out this beautiful items in this spring & We sale them limitedly!

— LYNLI Jewelry X Little Witch —

the sparkling collaboration with two jewelry brand between "Taiwanese Metalsmith Jewelry and Resin Jewelry"!

Two women who loved jewelry are attracted by admiring each other's works, sharing the ideal of the brand and their insistence on Taiwanese craftsmanship. Such clever fate allows each other to communicate and thus produce co-branding pieces!

This combination, "LYNLI Jewelry 2018 The Blossoms product details and Little Witch 2018 princess flower collar details", which made "bloom flower collar | joint charity limited goods" to be born. We wish you wear like a princess and it blooms your every daily!
20k gold plated bracelet (please measure the length), freshwater pearls, copper wires imported from the United States, imported resin
✣Size: about 6 cm in diameter and 17 cm in length
✣ Production date: 14 days. (Excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays) Express shipments are not accepted, all are handmade.
..........ㅤ ㅤ
✣Note: ㅤ
➩ Metal parts: Please use "glass cloth" to wipe 20k gold light jewelry plated with brass. Jewelry can be wiped with "silver cloth". Simply wipe it and put it in the package. All products use "jewel-grade plating", which does not contain electroplated nickel that can cause allergies to the human body. Metal oxidation is normal and you are welcome to send it to the workshop for maintenance. "Natural freshwater pearl" is an organic gemstone. It is not recommended to use silver water to wipe, soak in hot springs, etc., it will make the pearl skin lightly atomized.

➩Resin part: The petals are thin and light. Resin works are fragile and avoid heavy pressing. If the flowers are dirty, please use a cloth moistened with water to wipe gently with your fingers and keep it dry when not wearing it, and also put it back in the box or sealed bag for storage. Earrings are hygienic and cannot be returned or exchanged. There is no after-sales service. It is inevitable that there are small flaws (residue, indentation, air bubbles) by hand. Actual colors have been taken as much as possible, because the color setting of each screen is different, if there is a slight difference after receiving, please understand.