有你在身邊,就是最美的愛情 Having you by my side, is the best vision of love.

Having you by my side, is my best vision of love.愛情長跑的樣子,就是能夠帶著妳一起走向更遠的未來。 Amber 總是用最溫暖的笑容,支持Enzo的工作與生活,雖然因為工作的關係,兩人常常必須隔著電話線談戀愛。你一言我一語,描繪未來輪廓的熱情,是最美好的憧憬。一年又一年,兩人一起度過各種難關,也決定一起走向更遠更亮眼的人生新篇章。 討論設計主題的時候,Enzo分享許多生活點滴與求婚計畫,也展示了精心錄製的求婚影片,李倪深受感動, 最後決定用精緻的五分鑽戒,流轉的細緻光芒象徵兩人互相扶持的五年,珍藏點點滴滴的珍貴回憶,也是打開啟婚姻生活的閃爍鑰匙。 5+5,我和妳十指緊扣,妳是我的小親心,5分求婚定情戒💍 Amber is always been very supportive to Enzo's job, even though they are often in long distance relationship and didn't get much time staying together. They builds up the silhouette of love through a lot of phone calls, communications, and trust. Now they are ready to open a new life chapter.Enzo wants a ring to present the five year of their relationship. He also makes a memory video and prepares many activities to propose. After discussion, we decided to design a 5 points diamond ring.The elegant sparkle symbolize the five precious years and the key to open the new marriage life.5+5, we holds hands.5...