Having you by my side, is my best vision of love.

Having you by my side, is my best vision of love.

Amber is always been very supportive to Enzo's job, even though they are often in long distance relationship and didn't get much time staying together. They builds up the silhouette of love through a lot of phone calls, communications, and trust. Now they are ready to open a new life chapter.

Enzo wants a ring to present the five year of their relationship. He also makes a memory video and prepares many activities to propose. After discussion, we decided to design a 5 points diamond ring.
The elegant sparkle symbolize the five precious years and the key to open the new marriage life.

5+5, we holds hands.
5 points diamond ring, I cherish you as my sweet heart.

Every piece of customized jewelry is the best wish from LYNLI Jewelry.
Welcome to chat with us about your love story and design your unique jewelry.

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