Our Love is like an uncharted ocean

''I will hold on tight to you, and walk into the future together.''

The waves are the dancers that dance out our waltz of love. We fall in love with the beauty and the authenticity of the ocean, and with the rise and fall of the tide, our lives go on, and so does our love.

Peng and Bella are two lovers who are enchanted by the ocean. Wherever they have been to, there is a touch of it. The ups and downs of the tide are like life, just like the days that they have been through together, good or bad.

The designer is inspired by the waves, using a delicate string to line the ring, carving the movement of the tide into it. Using sand blasting in places, the designer turns the ring into a small picture of a coast line. When turning the ring around, the beautiful wave is moving in between the fingers.