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Sometimes, amazing things come out of the unexpected.

2014年,李倪輕珠寶開始第一筆高級珠寶訂製,是品牌訂製的開端,這對夫妻是品牌訂製的第一對客人,百分百的信任,給予所有的尊重與空間,讓李倪開始繪製第一件設計圖。 KK 是位手指細緻、從服裝設計學系畢業的女孩,與當時的未婚夫愛情長跑多年,遠距離並沒有讓他們越走越遠,反而更加堅固了他們對彼此的愛。


LYNLI Jewelry introduced the brand’s first high-end jewelry line in 2014 thanks to an unexpected order. A newlywed couple found Lyn when she was working as a designer in a Taiwanese jewelry company. 

Although she had no official drawings to share with her prospective clients, they placed their trust in Lyn. Backed by that belief, Lyn set out to bring her first jewelry design to life.

Lyn has always loved romance, and it shows in her designs. Her educational background as a fine arts student and her love of drawing, storytelling, and Chinese and Western art history influence her work. Intrigued by the decorative art of the Renaissance, Lyn is inspired to create her own Renaissance of sorts through her modern artwork. Many elements and materials inform Lyn’s sense of beauty.

In the space where art and jewelry meet is where Lyn’s imagination comes to life. 

Lyn’s first client, KK’s partner, sought to immortalize their relationship with a stunning wedding ring that would be a testament to their commitment to one another. Stylized with a ribbon, the ring is a gift demonstrating the couple’s undying love for each other and the strong bond between them in spite of their long-distance relationship. That same ribbon represents LYNLI JEWELRY’s spirit of romanticism, love, and connection. And this inspiring design is now being passed along to you and your loved one, representing a tender link between the hearts of the beloved.


Tell your love story and symbolize your marriage with our uniquely personalized handmade jewelry. Each ring is crafted with LYNLI’s commitment to quality and one-of-a-kind designs. Our pieces are never mass produced and are made exclusively for the person who will be receiving it.

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