Collection: 粉・彩 A Gift to Yourself

「色彩是藝術中相對性最高的媒材。」-《色彩互動學》 你喜歡什麼顏色呢?


"Color is the most relative medium in art."—— Color Interaction"
What color do you like? Give yourself a gift!

Thank you for your serious study and hard work. Thank you for taking care of your children, staying with your family, and protecting your friends. Thank you for keeping a smile and facing every difficulty in life.

Pastel-like colors, tied with bows and ribbons, and know that every day you are at the best appearance in life. In the works of this season, we hope to reinterpret the story of color. For the four different seasons, we chose four different colors, interspersed and interspersed, you can freely decide the way of color matching and wearing, and tell your story with exquisite micro-color details.