Collection: 心驛 What if...?




每個人心中都有一個最想 “回去” 的地方,也許是家,也許是遠方。』

In the past two years when the epidemic has been raging, we have been forced to slow down the pace and look back at the relationship between human beings and Earth, and the land under our feet. We piece together fragmented travel memories and recreate a complete puzzle. If this is the last chance we can design jewelry,  will we choose?

We want to commemorate the encounter with Earth, and the concept of what our heart is going to be derived from this heart. Every city we pass through in our life is a turning point in our journey and a station for our hearts. We transform the map patterns of continents and oceans into design elements, and also open up customers to customize maps of different cities. "Everyone has a place in their hearts that they want to go back to the most, perhaps a home or a distant place.