Collection: 綻放 The Blossoms


『每月一花,看花的故事。』 每一朵花都有美麗的花語,和與您之間的故事。

The Blossoms 綻放系列輕珠寶的設計概念,以「每月一花」為配戴輕珠寶的您們找尋「每月代表花甚至是您和花之間的故事」。我們為每個旅行地點摘下『花卉壓花』並裱框封存對於旅行的記憶,將旅行的記憶繪製成輕珠寶,創作出此季的 The Blossoms 綻放,讓美麗的記憶化作 花卉輕珠寶 配戴於您心裡最近的位置。

If you can choose to be a flower, which one will you want to be? Each flower has its own story, and a story with you.

The Blossoms collection uses Flower of the Month to help you find the perfect flower for every woman, to help you find your story with the flower. The designer picks flowers from each place that has been visited, and capture the memories into the jewelry. Make the beautiful story into the accessory that you wear close to your heart.