Collection: 人魚眼淚 Tears of Mermaid

LYNLI Jewelry 第一個系列「人魚的眼淚」發想於一個美麗的故事  「傳說中,人魚為了愛慕之人所流下的眼淚,會化成極為珍貴的珍珠,象徵一顆忠貞、純潔的心。」 以「人魚眼淚」概念作為 LYNLI Jewelry 2016年系列輕珠寶。

利用高貴優雅的「珍珠、月光石與白水晶」,搭配雙邊不對稱的設計,勾勒出每滴眼淚獨一無二的形狀。輕盈垂墜耳環的設計,珍藏了滴滴淚珠落下的瞬間。 「眼淚」帶給人的意象,是真摯的、是感動的。李倪希望將這份真心,用珠寶收藏起來,也希望透過這一系列的作品,鼓勵身為女性的妳們用心追求自己的夢想。

“Tears of mermaids”, the first series of LYNLI Jewelry, comes from a beautiful story - they say that when mermaid weeps for the one they love, the tear drops turn into precious pearls to materialize a heart that is loyal and pure. The tear drops of mermaids become a part of the LYNLI Jewelry 2016 collections.

Using delicate, elegant pearls, moonstones and white crystal, combined with asymmetrical design, the designer portraits the unique shape of each drop of tears. Light dangling style of the earrings captures the exact moment when the tears fall.

Teardrops symbolize earnestness and honesty. The designer wants to fold the pure love into the jewelry, and hopes that the series could inspire other women to chase the dreams that they have dreamed. All the efforts and tears along the way are just as precious as the pearls.