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【粉彩】【四色】小約定- 雙鑽活動線戒 Small Promises Ring (4 colors)

【粉彩】【四色】小約定- 雙鑽活動線戒 Small Promises Ring (4 colors)

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➤ 材質:925純銀

➤ 透明寶石:所有的類鑽石皆為CZ鋯石


➤可多層次搭配,一次購買四件可享有優惠價$3,880元喔!! (請記得在訂單備註四只戒指的戒圍喔!也可加入官方Line客服諮詢適合的搭配方式與指圍。)

Small Promises —— Turn passivity into initiative, don't wait for others to give illusory promises, tick the tick, and make an agreement with yourself: you can't give up lightly, don't waste your time, and live well every day. You are the protagonist of life!

Sweet Note:
- #3 ~ #12 (TW)
- Sterling Silver.
- Approx. 1mm Yellow/ Green Round CZ.
* Free Shipping in Taiwan & Worldwide Shipping over $200.

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