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【綻放】一支獨秀-櫻花耳勾耳環 Sakura Wire Earrings

【綻放】一支獨秀-櫻花耳勾耳環 Sakura Wire Earrings

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四月天,賞櫻天| 櫻花的花語是生命、幸福、熱烈、純潔。


 ➤ 材質:925純銀


Cherry Blossom, also known as Sakura, is a symbolic flower of the spring. Their lifespan is short, but create one of the world's most beautiful sceneries during its blossom peak. This elegant pair of Sakura Wire Earrings finds its inspiration from the delicate sprouts in hopes of remembering that life is short and beautify, and that every moment should be cherished. 

    • Handcrafted in 925 sterling silver.
    • Measures approximately 2 3/4″ (70mm) in length.
    • Pendant measures approximately 4/5" x 4/5" (20mm). 
    • High quality cubic zirconia hand embedded in the center of the flower.
    • Made to order item. Please allow 7-10 days to produce.
    • Sold in pairs.
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