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【心驛】心驛地圖_18吋紅銅墜子純銀項鍊 Heart Puzzle 925 Silver Pendent Necklace

【心驛】心驛地圖_18吋紅銅墜子純銀項鍊 Heart Puzzle 925 Silver Pendent Necklace

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『每個人心中都有一個最想 “回去” 的地方,也許是家,也許是遠方。』











"Everyone has a place in their hearts that they want to go back to the most, perhaps a home or a distant place. “

In the past two years when the epidemic has been raging, we have been forced to slow down the pace and look back at the relationship between human beings and Earth, and the land under our feet. We piece together fragmented travel memories and recreate a complete puzzle. If this is the last chance we can design jewelry,  will we choose?

We want to commemorate the encounter with Earth, and the concept of what our heart is going to be derived from this heart. Every city we pass through in our life is a turning point in our journey and a station for our hearts. Starting from the map of Taiwan, the map patterns of various continents and oceans were transformed into design elements, and this pendant combined with different craftsmanship was designed using red copper etching technology and a specially designed sterling silver frame. Where do you want to go back the most?


In order to present the best jewelry craftsmanship and ensure the production time, this product is a pre-ordered product, and it will take at least 20 working days after placing the order and payment. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


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Basic Equipment: Box for jewelry + silver cloth

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