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【心驛】山稜線戒指 純銀黃銅戒指 國際圍#8-#15 (#12以上需加價)_ The Mountain Line Ring_925 silver+ Brass

【心驛】山稜線戒指 純銀黃銅戒指 國際圍#8-#15 (#12以上需加價)_ The Mountain Line Ring_925 silver+ Brass

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If this is the last chance we can design jewelry, what will we choose?

When I first saw a map when I was a child, I was attracted by the freely changing contour lines. The numbers that record the ridge-lines of mountains always make people unable to imagine what kind of scenery they will see at such a height. We capture the mountain line that rises and falls, match precious metals of two different colors of brass and sterling silver, and add different types of surface texture treatment, hoping to integrate our imagination of high-altitude scenery into a small ring.

This set of rings can be purchased individually or as a pair. Neutral, neat and simple line design, non-gold-plated production reduces allergies to sensitive skin, and you don’t have to worry about daily hand washing and alcohol using damaging the ring. It is up to you to decide freely, your own style of dressing.


In order to present the best jewelry craftsmanship and ensure the production time, this product is a pre-ordered product, and it will take at least 20 working days after placing the order and payment. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


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Basic Equipment: Box for jewelry + silver cloth

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