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【粉彩】自信洋溢- 不對稱珠珠垂吊耳環(一對)/四色/Be confident Earring

【粉彩】自信洋溢- 不對稱珠珠垂吊耳環(一對)/四色/Be confident Earring

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➤ 寶石: 彩色寶石:綠玉髓/黃水晶/粉水晶/海水藍寶

➤ 材質:純銀

➤ 耳針材質: 925純銀

➤ 提供加價改款耳夾,可先私訊詢問喔! 

Be Confident —— Raise your head and walk forward with great strides. Girls must be full of confidence and enthusiasm on the way to pursue their dreams. The asymmetrical colorful beads swaying in the ears, this is our gift to everyone who chases her dream: don't be afraid, take the next step bravely!

Sweet Note:
- 8cm
- Sterling Silver.
- Approx. 4-5mm Quartz (Pink)/ Aqua Marine (Blue)/ Quartz (Yellow) / Chalcedony (Green) Beads. 

Product Packaging:
Basic Equipment: Sealed bag for jewelry + silver cloth

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