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LYNLI Jewelry 李倪・輕珠寶

【粉彩】迷人的時刻/ 麻花耳扣垂釣鍊耳環/ 單支/ 四色 Charming Moments Twist Clip Earrings/ One Piece Unique Earring

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Metal Color



➤ 所有耳環皆為耳針款式,若需更改為耳夾,請先於官方Line客服詢問後再下單!

➤ 彩色寶石:綠玉髓/黃水晶/粉水晶/海水藍寶
➤ 材質:純銀
➤ 耳針材質: 925純銀
➤ 提供加價改款耳夾,可先私訊詢問喔!


基本配備:飾品專用密封袋+ 拭銀布+LYJ包裝袋

Charming Moments —— There will always be one or two moments of special shining, you must wear the most eye-catching pendant earrings, so that all eyes are on you. At this time, earrings combined with ear buckles and pendant chains are definitely the most suitable choice. The chain that swings with a confident pace is equipped with small colored gems. The shimmering and delicate design details will add more light to your charming moments!

Sweet Note:
- 8cm
- Sterling Silver.
- Approx. 4-5mm Quartz Beads in Yellow/ Chalcedony Beads in Green Color.
* Free Shipping in Taiwan & Worldwide Shipping over $200."