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【綻放】框中風景-百合花項鍊/925純銀/黃銅鍍20K金 Lily White Necklace

【綻放】框中風景-百合花項鍊/925純銀/黃銅鍍20K金 Lily White Necklace

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➤ 材質:925純銀/黃銅鍍20K金



One of the most beloved flowers, the Lily, a white blossom with a six petaled bloom, symbolizes chastity and devotion with a decent scent. This graceful Lily White Necklace has fully interpreted the lilies' purity and virginity.

  • Handcrafted in 925 sterling silver or 20k gold plated brass.
  • Pendant measures approximately 1 1/10″ (28mm) x 1" (26mm).
  • High quality cubic zirconia hand embedded in the center of the leaves.
  • 24 inches (60cm) length chain.  
  • Made to order item. Please allow 7-14 days to produce.
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