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【粉彩】記憶水晶球(短款)/四色/ 可選耳扣圈. 耳夾圈 Memory Crystal Ball Earrings (S)

【粉彩】記憶水晶球(短款)/四色/ 可選耳扣圈. 耳夾圈 Memory Crystal Ball Earrings (S)

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➤ 彩色寶石:綠玉髓/黃水晶/粉水晶/海水藍寶
➤ 材質:純銀
➤ 耳針材質: 925純銀


Memory Crystal Ball —— A long life is composed of countless small memories and time fragments. These memories may be good or bad, and every minute is part of growth. The memory crystal ball uses the most classic design, long and short styles, with colorful round jewels, just like a crystal ball, treasure the most important memory moments for you.

Sweet Note:
- Sterling Silver.
- Approx. 9-10mm Quartz (Yellow/Pink) / Chalcedony (Green) /Aqua Marine(Blue)Beads.

Product Packaging:
Basic Equipment: Sealed bag for jewelry + silver cloth

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