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【粉彩】微彩- 半寶石珠珠16寸項鍊 【四色】Microcolor Necklace

【粉彩】微彩- 半寶石珠珠16寸項鍊 【四色】Microcolor Necklace

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➤ 材質:925 純銀
➤ 彩色寶石:綠玉髓/黃水晶/粉水晶/海水藍寶

Tears of Courage —— It’s okay to cry when you’re really tired. We learn to take responsibility while weeping, accepting all the sufferings and dissatisfaction in life. Tears are courage and beauty.

Sweet Note:
-Sold individually. If you want to wear a pair, please purchase two pieces.
- Sterling Silver.
- Approx. 4-5mm Quartz (Pink)/ Aqua Marine (Blue)/ Quartz (Yellow) / Chalcedony (Green) Beads.

Product packaging:
Basic Equipment: Sealed bag for jewelry + silver cloth

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