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LYNLI Jewelry 李倪・輕珠寶

【綻放】框中風景-橡樹葉項鍊 /預購訂製款/925純銀/黃銅鍍20K金Oak Leaf Necklace

【綻放】框中風景-橡樹葉項鍊 /預購訂製款/925純銀/黃銅鍍20K金Oak Leaf Necklace

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橡樹的花語,是永恆、勇氣與穩重 它是世界上最大的開花植物,十分長壽。果實是堅果的一種,一端毛茸茸,一堆光溜溜的,松鼠很喜歡。


橡樹葉從高大的樹幹旋轉落下,輕盈優雅的表現最重要的態度 —— 追尋夢想,就算喪氣也要堅持到底。

➤ 材質:925純銀/黃銅鍍20K金




Growing symmetrically around a smooth median line, Oak leaf, originates from oak trees and has its lobes sprouts like points on stars. Profound yet vivid, the Oak Leaf Necklace thoroughly illustrates the dignity and vitality of its evergreen blossoming.

  • Handcrafted in 925 sterling silver or 20k gold plated brass.
  • Pendant measures approximately 1 2/5″ (36mm) x 7/10" (18mm).
  • High quality cubic zirconia hand embedded on the edge of the leaf.
  • 24 inches (60cm) length chain.  
  • Made to order item. Please allow 7-14 days to produce.
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