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【心驛】起點戒指 OT扣純銀鍊戒指 國際圍#8-#12 (#12以上需加價)_ OT Buckle 925 Ring

【心驛】起點戒指 OT扣純銀鍊戒指 國際圍#8-#12 (#12以上需加價)_ OT Buckle 925 Ring

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環扣刻有LYNLI Jewelry的品牌名,象徵李倪輕珠寶品牌的設計初心。






The best accessory to wear when traveling is a handsome and neatly shaped ring! In the What If...? series, we decided to use a lot of classic elements in jewelry design: OT buckle and sterling silver without gold-plated jewelry craftsmanship, to avoid sensitive skin allergies, , and you don’t have to worry about daily hand washing and alcohol using damaging the jewelry.

The ring buckle is engraved with the brand name of LYNLI Jewelry, which symbolizes the original design intention of LYNLI jewelry brand. This original intention is like the compass of the brand. Although it stumbles, it always leads the brand forward. At the same time, it has a handsome ring buckle and a soft chain design. The texture of sterling silver and precious metal makes this ring suitable for any outfit.


In order to present the best jewelry craftsmanship and ensure the production time, this product is a pre-ordered product, and it will take at least 20 working days after placing the order and payment. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


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Basic Equipment: Box for jewelry + silver cloth

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