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LYNLI Jewelry 李倪・輕珠寶

【心驛】里程_OT扣寶石珍珠不對稱純銀耳環 Mileage 925 Silver Earrings

【心驛】里程_OT扣寶石珍珠不對稱純銀耳環 Mileage 925 Silver Earrings

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材質: 925純銀 天然淡水珍珠/綠玉髓/黃水晶/粉水晶/海水藍寶




In addition to the most important passport when traveling, the most important thing is the weight of the luggage!

Don't you think the shape of the OT buckle is very similar to a carry-on luggage scale?

Before getting on the plane, I always stare nervously at the scale, worrying that the weight of the luggage exceeds the standard, so the luggage hanging scale is a very necessary travel item.

These "mileage" earrings are asymmetrical design. The OT buckle is separated and matched with four different gemstones and pearls. The neat chain is matched with the warm light of the gemstone. One pearl and one colored gemstone can be worn on one side or on both sides. It can be matched with different clothes, whether it is gorgeous, handsome or elegant, it is very versatile.


In order to present the best jewelry craftsmanship and ensure the production time, this product is a pre-ordered product, and it will take at least 20 working days after placing the order and payment. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


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Basic Equipment: Box for jewelry + silver cloth

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