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【綻放】18吋小祖母綠形畫框項鍊/ 925純銀 /黃銅鍍20K金 Petite Emerald Frame Necklace

【綻放】18吋小祖母綠形畫框項鍊/ 925純銀 /黃銅鍍20K金 Petite Emerald Frame Necklace

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拿起畫框系列輕珠寶們對著天空、風景望著,每個在畫框裡的景色好似都被收藏進心裡了。畫框系列輕珠寶 收集了五個有著各自風範的幾何圖形,包含圓形、橢圓形、正方形、長方形和祖母綠形,每個圖形有著各自獨特的細節,而每個畫框代表著屬於您的極簡主義!


➤ 商品尺寸: 18吋
➤ 透明寶石:所有的類鑽石皆為CZ鋯石
➤ 有機寶石:精挑細選的淡水珍珠
➤ 材質:純銀/黃銅鍍20K金


Inspired by paintings, the Timeless Frame Collections is designed to enhance and display the elegance of the pearl with its use of frames. The frames come in square and rectangular, with the addition of circular, emerald and oval for our necklace collections. 

  • Handcrafted in sterling silver and 20k gold plated brass.
  • Petite emerald pendant measures approximately 4/5″ (20mm) x 1/2" (13mm).
  • 18″ (46 cm) length chain.
  • Approx. 3 mm freshwater pearl
  • High quality cubic zirconium hand embedded in the pearl.
  • Handmade to order item. Please allow 7-10 days to produce. 
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