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【綻放】框中風景-梅花項鍊/925純銀/黃銅鍍20K金 Plum Blossom Necklace

【綻放】框中風景-梅花項鍊/925純銀/黃銅鍍20K金 Plum Blossom Necklace

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四月天,賞櫻天| 櫻花的花語是生命、幸福、熱烈、純潔。


 ➤ 材質:925純銀/黃銅鍍20K金 



The plum blossom is one of the most beloved flowers in the Chinese culture and has been frequently depicted in its art and poetry for centuries. This delicate piece of Plum Blossom Necklace symbolizes perseverance and hope, as well as beauty, purity, and the transitoriness of life. 

  • Handcrafted in 925 sterling silver or 20k gold plated brass.
  • Pendant measures approximately 1 7/64″ (28mm) x 1 1/32" (26mm).
  • High quality cubic zirconia hand embedded in the center of the blossom.
  • 24 inches (60cm) length chain. 
  • Made to order item. Please allow 7-14 days to produce.
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