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【心驛】Skylines 天際線 _雙層純銀手鍊_Skylines 925 Silver Bracelet

【心驛】Skylines 天際線 _雙層純銀手鍊_Skylines 925 Silver Bracelet

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Skylines 雙層手鍊的靈感就是來自天際線,運用不同粗細銀鍊串接不同顏色的寶石和天然珍珠,隨著手的不同動作變換角度,就像是各種角度的天際線一樣,獨特而迷人。







Mountains have contour lines, and the scenery of the city is probably the skyline.

The visual structure composed of high-rise buildings and the sky in the city has become a unique landscape impression of each city. No two skylines in this world are the same.

As time and generations change, the appearance of the skyline will also change. It is the scenery that we can see when we look up in the city.

The Skylines double-layer bracelet is inspired by the skyline. It uses silver chains of different thicknesses to connect gems and natural pearls of different colors. The angle changes with the different movements of the hand, just like the skyline of various angles, unique and charming.


In order to present the best jewelry craftsmanship and ensure the production time, this product is a pre-ordered product, and it will take at least 20 working days after placing the order and payment. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


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