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LYNLI Jewelry 李倪・輕珠寶

【粉彩】勇氣的眼淚/ 四色/ 純銀不含鎳- 5*7mm黃色水滴型鋯石 18寸項鍊 Tears of Courage Necklace

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➤ 寶石:類鑽石皆為CZ鋯石
➤ 材質:925 純銀

Tears of Courage: It’s okay to cry when you’re really tired.
We learn to take responsibility while weeping, accepting all the sufferings and dissatisfaction in life. Tears are courage and beauty.

Sweet Note:
- 8cm
- Sterling Silver.
- Approx. 4-5mm Quartz (Pink)/ Aquamarine (Blue)/ Quartz (Yellow) / Chalcedony (Green) Beads.

Product packaging:
Basic Equipment: Sealed bag for jewelry + silver cloth

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