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【粉彩】儀式感/ 3mm圓形鋯石耳環/ 四色/ Sense of Ritual Earrings

【粉彩】儀式感/ 3mm圓形鋯石耳環/ 四色/ Sense of Ritual Earrings

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➤ 透明寶石:所有的類鑽石皆為CZ鋯石,每顆鋯石的顏色多多少少會有點不同喔~
➤ 材質:純銀
➤ 耳針材質: 925純銀
➤ 提供加價改款耳夾,可先私訊詢問喔! 

Sense of Ritual —— Remember to keep some sense of ritual for life. You live so hard every day, of course you must give yourself a little love. Putting on a necklace of ritual sense and smiling at yourself in the mirror, a brand new day is about to begin again.

Sweet Note:
- Sterling Silver.
- Approx. 3mm Yellow/ Green Round CZ.

Product Packaging:
Basic Equipment: Sealed bag for jewelry + silver cloth

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